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Our Specializations

  • Oil and gas

    Our team includes lawyers with deep oil and gas industry expertise; this is crucial at a time when Lebanon will soon start to benefit from these resources.

  • Criminal law and litigation

    We have extensive experience in the Lebanese criminal law and out attorneys have handled many such cases.

  • Internet and IT

    Information technology and internet laws are constantly changing, just as fast as the cyberspace world is. That’s why at TCC Law Firm, we are constantly on the cutting edge of IT and Internet laws.

  • Intellectual Property

    Amidst an environment where it is challenging to retain your rights of creations and to avoid replication, TCC Law firm has dealt with many such cases and can help you settle any problem in this field.

  • Construction and Real Estate

    From construction development companies, contractors, and sub-contractors, to representing landlords and tenants, we offer legal expert legal advice on anything related to construction and real estate.

  • Banking and Finance

    TCC Law Firm has been at the forefront of establishing and refining corporate governance procedures for banking corporations in the private sector, and we routinely advise boards of directors on their duties in relation to specific transactions.

  • VARA Regulations

    We specialize in the regulatory framework surrounding virtual assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokens, and other digital assets under the jurisdiction of VARA.

  • Blockchain

    We are knowledgeable about the legal implications of blockchain technology, including smart contracts, token offerings, and decentralized applications, and we provide strategic guidance to blockchain-based companies and startups.

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