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TCC Law Firm

TCC Law Firm is a leading law office based in Beirut, Lebanon that was founded in 2003. It provides legal advice and services to corporate and individual clients, including: Arbitration, mediation, litigation, consultation and drafting contracts and legal documents. It has set itself apart from the competition through fast and efficient services based on a “get-it-done” approach.

TCC Law Firm’s areas of expertise cover:

  • Criminal and Civil laws
  • Commercial and Corporate laws
  • Banking and Finance laws
  • Property laws
  • Intellectual property laws
  • Labor and Employment laws
  • Internet and IT laws
  • Oil and Gas laws

Why choose us?

  • To deliver personalized, fast, and effective solutions to individuals and businesses.
  • To become our clients’ partners and help them achieve peace of mind in difficult times.
    • Integrity and honesty
    • Client focus
    • Intellectual rigor
    • Collaboration
    • Excellence and professionalism
    • Exceptional resources

      We act as a catalyst by providing our clients with exceptional resources to help them, and when the time is right we can help them navigate a successful exit.

    • Individual relationships

      We believe that forming an individual relationship with each client is the essence to grasp, understand and thoroughly represent a case.

    • Cost-effective

      We provide reliable, suitable and cost-effective representation of the day-to-day needs of emerging, middle-market, and large private and public companies, in addition to private clients.

    • Consistent communication

      We respond to all client communications in a timely manner. All clients are given individualized access to our team with whom they can communicate securely and receive consistent updates on their cases.