The Firm

The Firm Belief

Representing you means representing your ideas and convictions!

At Touma, Chebli and Chakar Law Firm, legal counsel is all about forming an individual relationship with each client, which we believe is the essence to understand and represent your case thoroughly.
And it is from this enduring belief, that TCC has experience in and practices a wide spectrum of industry specializations which go beyond the usual legal practice areas.
In a legal environment filled with economic and social challenges, TCC provide reliable, suitable and cost-effective representation of the day-to-day needs of emerging, middle-market, and large private and public companies, in addition to private clients.
We even take our personal relationship with you that extra mile by taking the time, anytime. Our home and work contacts are at your disposal around-the-clock access, because we know what it means to speak for your ideas and rights. .

The Firm’s Features

Specializations for special clients!

TCC Law Firm, based in Lebanon, offers advice and legal services from Corporate Client Services, Private Client Services, Arbitration and Mediation to Litigation.
The Firm offers today the banking specialization , including corporate governance, in addition to other areas, including but not limited to commercial, corporate, maritime, insurance, and finance, construction, franchise, tax, trust and estate planning, employment, intellectual property, oil and gas, and information technology. *

The Firm’s Presence

TCC has been established in Beirut in 2003.

However, it expended its services to clients in foreign country, specially the Gulf Region.
Recently Partnership with a leading lawfirm in Erbil (Kurdistan - Iraq), was established in order to provide extended legal and administrative services to our clients in Erbil.